Mental health unbound

The Brain, the mind - is the center of everything.  It is the vehicle through which we experience our lives, and without it, no other system or organ in the body can function.   An infinitely complex arrangement of unique and continuously evolving connections, the brain is our most precious and mysterious organ.  

Mental illness is the number one cause of disability worldwide.  The consequences of untreated mental illness can be devastating.  A thoughtful approach to treatment that integrates the best evidence-based research, clinical experience, and the patient’s value system contribute to the development of a high quality connection between provider and patient and a satisfying, successful, treatment experience.  An appropriate balance of structure, autonomy, and an unconditionally supportive treatment environment first facilitate healing, then progression toward expansion of one’s abilities and real, sustained recovery.  Whether it be home visits, outdoors, or in the traditional office setting, creation of the least restrictive and most effective treatment environment is extremely important to meet a patient where they are at, and provide the flexibility, guidance, and facilitation necessary for a person’s goals to come to fruition.  

Dr. Furuta is a Private Practice Psychiatrist who conducts a mental health evaluation from a medical perspective while additionally taking into consideration all the other unique variables at play in a person’s life.  Medications may be prescribed if indicated, but is only one element of a treatment plan, and not used in all cases.  Quality of diet, exercise, sleep, outdoor exposure, and relationships are a few examples of the many other variables that are considered and optimized throughout the treatment course.  The body and mind are inextricably interconnected, and we are only beginning to appreciate how complex and profound this system is.  The most important aspect of any assessment however is developing an understanding of the unique values of each patient – what is their understanding of the situation, and what is most important to them.  Intervention is only helpful if it increases the quality of a person’s life. 

Within the Art of Psychiatric Medicine lies a radical sense of compassion, appreciation for the profound mysteries of life, and a humble respect for the magnificent complexity of each human being.  There is also a critical value of true connection – to oneself, to each other, and to the world we inhabit.  Gracefully traversing the range of each patients’ life experiences and emotional landscape with curiosity, reflection, and an openness to new perspectives is central in the approach to treatment.

Disclosure: This information is not intended as medical advice and is to be used solely for the purpose of education.  An in-person evaluation is required to have your unique circumstances and needs addressed.